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Naturelle Contact Lenses

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NATURELLE is a daily disposable cosmetic lens that is designed to complement Asian eyes. Available in Natural Black and Stylish Brown, NATURELLE offers natural beauty, daily comfort, eye health and clear vision.

Natural Beauty
- The unique and natural gradation pattern of NATURELLE blends seamlessly with the eyes' true colour to bring out their natural beauty.
- NATURELLE centres well for a more natural look.

Eye Health
- Safe and comfortable wear with Micro-Encapsulation Technology.
- Non-toxic and non-irritating to the eye, micro-encapsulated colour pigments do not reduce oxygen flow through the lenses, making them safe and healthy to wear.1

Daily Comfort
- Using Micro-Encapsulation Technology, colour pigments are encapsulated within the lens to avoid coming into direct contact with the eyes. The colour pigment used in the micro-encapsulated colour is safe and has a long history of use in ophthalmic and cosmetic products.
- With ComfortMoist Technology, slow releasing packaging solution with Poloxamine creates a cushion of moisture around the lens, keeping eyes comfortable all day long.

Clear Vision
- Features High Definition Optics, a patented technology that helps to reduce the appearance of halos and glare, thus delivering crisp, clear vision especially in low-light conditions.

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