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Madara Sharingan Contacts are lenses which specially designed for Naruto's fans. By adopting Geolica's image color engineering technology, these Geolica Madara Sharingan Contacts realize the characteristic eyes of animation characters especially for costume players. All of our Madara contacts are US FDA approved and come with the original anti-fake stickers from Geolica.

(Madara Sharingan Contacts - Geolica CP-S9 Red)

Product Description

Product Name:

Sharingan Contacts - Geolica CP-S9



Base Curve Radius

8.60 mm


14.20 mm

Center Thickness

0.07 mm


Blister package with contact lenses case

Using period:

12 months

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About Madara Sharingan Contacts

Madara Sharingan Contacts are red lenses which specially designed for Naruto's fans. Naruto is a famous Japanese manga & animation series which created by Mr. Masashi Kishimoto. Naruto was first serialized in the weekly Shonen Jump magazine from 1999 to 2014, and released in book form in 72 volumes. Naruto is the third best-selling manga series in history, selling over 235 million copies worldwide in 35 countries. The English translations of the volumes have appeared on USA Today and The New York Times bestseller list several times.

The red Madara Sharingan grants the wielder two broad abilities: the "Eye of Insight" and the "Eye of Hypnotism" (also known as Saimingan). The Sharingan is also described as an "eye that reflects the heart. Often, as per the Uchiha's so-called "Curse of Hatred", this emotion is a negative one, brought on by stress or loss. The emotion can also be positive, driven by a desire to protect or reunite with a loved one.

About Geolica

Our Geolica Madara Sharingan Contacts products are manufactured in South Korea. By adopting Geolica's image color engineering technology, Be assured that Geolica Medical R & D Center is equipped with full range of high-tech equipment and system that enable to develop materials, design contact lenses and realize their solutions, and that its whole staff members are exclusively engaged in manufacturing the products that will keep your eyes healthy, safe and beautiful in addition to fashionableness thanks to its excellent manpower and up-to-date infrastructure. Although the Geolica contact lenses is well known for its quality, their product price is still very reasonable and cheap in the market.

Caring for Madara Sharingan Contacts and Lens cases

For continued safe and comfortable use of your Madara Sharingan Contacts. It is important to follow the instructions given to you by your Eye Care Practitioner. Failure to follow the correct lens care regime may result in the development of serious eye problems.

Cleaning and rising are essential to remove mucus, secretions and deposits which may have accumulated during use. Do this immediately after removing the your Madara Sharingan Contacts and prior to disinfection. Harmful germs formulas can only be removed by cleaning, rinsing and disinfecting

When wearing Madara Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan contacts, you may notice temporary difference in your vision due to the presence of the color in your lenses, especially in condition of low light. If this difference in vision persist, please consult your Eye Care Practitioner. Finally, never allow anyone else to wear your Madara Sharingan Contacts.

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