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LensVery Contact Lenses

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About LensVery 

LensVery is a renowned brand in the realm of contact lenses. Formerly known as Lens Story, LensVery originated in South Korea, where it gained immense popularity as the go-to destination for exceptional invisible eyewear. As a sister brand of Ann365, LensVery differentiates itself by offering unique and specially designed products, deviating from the trends embraced by Ann365. 

LensVery aims to create new value in the realm of contact lenses by tailoring products to meet the evolving needs of consumers. With a strong commitment to professionalism, all LensVery products undergo stringent KFDA certification and are crafted using the most reliable and professional materials available. Furthermore, LensVery dedicates itself to extensive research on various pupil shapes and curvatures, ensuring that their lenses are perfectly suited to match the unique contours of your eyes. 

LensVery believes that your beauty should be one-of-a-kind. With their exceptional range of products, they empower you to express your true self and embrace your uniqueness. Experience the joy of discovering a new you every day with LensVery, as you embark on a journey of self-expression and embrace the mantra of daily new myself.

Instructions on LensVery Contact Lenses 

LensVery contact lenses come with both monthly wear model and daily wear model.

  1. Keep your fingernails short and smooth to avoid scratching your eye or your LensVery contacts.
  2. Always wash your hands with soap and rinse carefully before handling your LensVery color contact lenses. Lenses may become contaminated if you do not wash your hands properly.
  3. Always handle your LensVery color contacts somewhere that is well-lit. clean and sterile.
  4. Your LensVery colour contact lenses may become damaged depending on how you handle them.

Checking the lenses and blister pack packaging

  1. Check which LensVery colour contacts are for the right eye and which lenses are for the left eye.
  2. Check if there is anything wrong with the LensVery colored contact lenses and blister pack packaging before opening. If there is anything wrong, for example, if there is any damage or leakage, do not open and contact the point of purchase.

Removing the blister pack packaging

  1. Break off the blister pack packaging of the LensVery colour contacts by folding down the sides.
  2. Remove the label, keeping a firm hold on the blister pack and the label. When doing this, be careful not to cut your hand on the blister pack or label. Also note that the LensVery color contacts storage solution inside the blister pack may splash upon removal of the label.
  3. Remove the LensVery colored contacts from the blister pack packaging by sticking the LensVery color contact lenses to the pad of your index finger. Alternatively, turn the blister pack packaging upside down and empty the lens together with the storage solution into the palm of your hand. Take care, because if you dig your nail into the lens or scrape the lens on the rim of the blister pack packaging on removal, the lens may be damaged.

Checking the LensVery Contact Lenses

  1. Hold the edges of the LensVery contact lenses from the side and gently move up and down to remove the liquid.
  2. Put the concave surface on the index finger of your dominant hand and check which is the right side and which is the wrong side of the LensVery contacts. A lens has a right side and a wrong side.

Ensure that the LensVery color contacts is not inside out. Place the lens on your right index finger and verify the shape.           

  1. Check if there is anything wrong with the LensVery colour contact lenses, for example, deformation, discolouration, foreign matter, damage, scratches and dirt, and do not wear the lens if there is anything wrong with it.

Inserting LensVery Contact Lenses

  1. Put the LensVery contact lenses onto your finger, and, with the middle finger of the same hand, pull down your lower eyelid. With the index finger of your other hand, pull up your top eyelid. If you put your finger on your eyelash line, you can open your eyes wide.
  2. Look in the mirror so that your cornea comes into the center of your eye. Slowly bring the LensVery colour contact lenses close to your eye and put it gently in place, still looking in the mirror. If you glance upwards when doing this, the lens will not be properly centered on your cornea.
  3. When you have placed the LensVery colour contacts properly on the cornea, slowly remove your index finger and then remove your fingers which had been holding your eyelids, starting with the bottom lid first and then the top lid. If you remove your fingers quickly and blink your eye shut. the lens may change position or fall out.
  4. Check in the mirror that the LensVery colored contact lenses is on top of your cornea and, covering the opposite eye with your hand, check your sight in your right and left eyes.
  5. Follow the same procedure to fit the LensVery colored contacts in your other eye.

Removing the LensVery Contact Lenses

  1. Check the position of the LensVery contact lenses in the mirror.
  2. Looking straight in the mirror, hold the mirror upward and look at the eye reflected in the mirror.
  3. With your middle finger, slowly pull your lower lid down, and with the index finger of the same hand, move the LensVery contacts down from the cornea.
  4. In this position, use the pads of your thumb and index finger to gently take hold of the bottom of the LensVery color contact lenses.

To avoid scratching your eye, take care not to touch your eye directly with the tips of your fingers or your fingernails.

If you are unable to remove the LensVery colored contact lenses, blink several times and then try again.

Cleaning the monthly Contact Lenses and cases

Caring for the contact lenses is a must when you’re wearing reusable contact lenses, and it only takes a few minutes to clean your reusable contact lenses with the appropriate solution.

  1. Fill each chamber of your contact lens case with fresh contact lens disinfecting solution.
  2. Place one lens in the clean, dry palm of your hand, and apply a few drops of your contact lens disinfecting solution. With one finger, gently rub the lens back and forth on your palm to clean the lens surfaces.
  3. Rinse you lens thoroughly with more of your solution, and put it into your clean contact lens case.
  4. Repeat this route for your other lens, close the case and leave your lenses to soak overnight.
  5. For cleaning contact lenses case, empty your contact lens case of the old solution. Rinse it with fresh contact lens solution. Allow contact lens container to air-dry, upside down on a clean tissue. Replace your contact lens case on a regular basis, every 3 months.

Safety usage of LensVery Contact Lenses

If you have inadvertently worn a LensVery colored contacts which is damaged or otherwise faulty, or if a lens becomes damaged while you are wearing it, remove the lens immediately and consult your eye care practitioner immediately, regardless of whether you have any subjective symptoms.

Until you are used to your lenses, you may experience symptoms such as slight discomfort, slightly bloodshot eyes, unstable vision, watering eyes or itchy eyes. Symptoms vary from person to person but will gradually diminish as you become used to your lenses. However, if you experience acute symptoms or if symptoms persist, stop wearing your LensVery contact lenses and promptly consult your eye care practitioner.


LensVery Contact Lenses

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