Prescription Requirement

The Contact Lens Rule from the Federal Trade Commission in US is our major reference guideline for the prescription checking procedure of the prescription-only devices. We apply the mentioned checking procedure to our customers in worldwide but not only US.

For order from region other than Hong Kong, we do require customers to provide prescription from their ophthalmologist/optometrist before we ship out the orders. 

For first time customers, we will manually contact them by phone or email and request for their prescription, we will put their order on hold until we receive their prescription through email. We may contact the customers for futher information about their prescription information if necessary. Customer can also email their prescription to before ordering.

For existing customers, we will manually verify if their previous prescription record is still within the valid period by checking the expiration date. If so, we can proceed the customer's order immediately. If not, we will contact the customers to provide us their latest prescription record.

If you need any further information before ordering, please feel free to contact .